Right Ways To Feed Your Baby

Author: Smooch Baby   Date Posted:14 December 2018 

One of the most important things that need attention is adequate and proper nutrition and diet for the baby.


A new baby brings with itself an utter joy. But also accompanying the happiness is a load of responsibilities. The preparation of the house, the right nutrition for the new moms, all the research to be prepared, and what not! One of the most important things that need attention is adequate and proper nutrition and diet for the baby. The way babies are fed decides the better part of the nutrition they get and what they might need in the future. Are You Feeding Your Baby Right? Here are a few things to keep in mind while feeding the baby. Here’s how you should go about it.

Things to Keep in Mind While Feeding Your Baby

Basic Start

It goes without saying that babies would not be able to chew in their initial months. Therefore, it's better to start with fluids and other edible material that's easy to feed and digest. The most basic start is breast milk which would continue to go on for the first six weeks after which the appetite in the babies is noticed to increase. One can then move onto feeding bottles. Spoon feeding is a different experience for the baby, so it's better to not hurry into it. Also, choose a time cycle to keep the meals on time. Try different types of meals from time to time. Feeding support and feeding chairs can come in handy. They ensure the child is in the right posture while eating.



Up Till 6 Months

After the baby get used to a bit of hard food, the diet can vary further. The time period this usually happens is around after 4 months. At this point, all kinds of vegetables, peas, beans potatoes, etc., can be introduced along with fruits too. If the baby accepts it, then eggs and meat can also be slowly introduced in the diet. However, doctors suggest avoiding gluten in the diet for the initial 6 months as it may cause the onset of some diseases. This diet is suggested up until the ninth month. Till then it’s suitable to stick to yogurts, baby rice, fruits, and vegetables. Try avoiding lumpy food and anything that requires extensive chewing. Feeding your child can be a big issue at this age as they are reluctant to eat healthy food. Try getting them a dinner set that they like and see how that helps. Children at this age love bibs. Get them a bib that they like, and they will enjoy their meal to the fullest.

Post 9 Months

By this period, the babies are still not comfortable chewing. Thus, it’s better to stick to basic food and breast milk. This period is, however, the best to focus and supervise the baby while eating. It's also important to set up a meal cycle that is followed diligently. The goal is to complete 12 months with the baby comfortable eating almost all kinds of basic domestic home cooked food.



Quantity and Number of Meals

It will be hard at first, but with time the baby gets used to spoon feeding. Initially, the baby's appetite will only be able to handle 2-3 spoons of a meal along with the breast milk. Gradually, the appetite increases. There is no fixed rate as every baby advance at its own rate. However, after a point, the baby will require 3 meals a day, and the need for breast milk will also come down. Once the baby is accustomed to the meal cycle of the day, all that is left to be done is maintain it. Feeding chairs can help in this cycle greatly. Not only it will help the kids eat in the right posture, but it will avoid messy spilling as well.



Things to Avoid

It does take up to 16-18 months for a baby to start chewing properly. Until then it's better to avoid hard food like nuts etc. Also, if the family has a history of a disease or allergies, it's better to meet with a paediatrician and avoid early inclusion of eggs and meat to avoid causing allergy to the baby too. Don't mess up the meal cycle as a baby would struggle to keep up. It might get hungry at odd hours or would not eat proper meals. Overfeeding should be avoided at all costs, or the babies develop distaste towards the meal.

Those were a few things to keep in mind when beginning the feeding process of your little one. It's better to stick to the plan and not experiment much. A healthy and balanced diet is important for a baby's early years, and it should be made sure that they get it.

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