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We value our Customer's Shopping Experience with Smooch Baby and continue to look for ways to improve our services. Your feedback is very important to us.

We understand our customers have a choice to buy from our competitors and in this light, we thank you for choosing to shop from Smooch Baby.

Quality Pre-Dispatch Checks

At Smooch Baby, we undertake additional pre-dispatch checks on all our Premium Tagged cots. Our new program will also give you priority warranty support in the first 60 days from receiving and registering your product purchase with us, ultimately, ensuring you are settled with your new nursery with no unwarranted surprises!

We ensure that the cots dispatched are in perfect condition, however as we do not always control transit damage, our premium cover will also ensure you get priority and express cot part/panel or full replacements should there be any problems with your cot on arrival.

Smooch Baby Premium Furniture Products

From 15th June 2020 onwards, items labelled online with the Smooch Baby Premium labels will comply with the following:

  • Product quality (bulky nursery furniture only) have been pre-checked by Smocch Baby Team and are readied for immediate dispatch to customers in the best condition possible;
  • Free Transit Insurance, Fast Dispatch of Spare Parts (affected panels, if any, screws etc) from Brisbane, and we handle any transit damages so we will liaise with the insurers directly);
  • If you encounter transit damage to your product, we will dispatch a new cot immediately and will arrange claims from the insurance without any hassle to you.

Our 60-day Priority Support Program

So when you purchase with Smooch Baby, you can shop with confidence that we will deal with any manufacturer matters in the first 60 days from your purchase with Smooch Baby. We will carry all the headache of waiting for the manufacturer or working with the courier to claim insurance.

We have been trialling this service for a selected range of our cots since 2019 and it has proven successful. We are rolling out our program across each product range that we sell. Look for this tag! [Insert SB Qlty Tag]

We send invitations to customers to review us on Trustpilot to share their experience as this really helps us improve. We care about our customer experience and we hope to be getting more feedback as we continue to improve and exceed our customer expectations.


To be eligible for the Smooch Baby 60 Day Priority program, we will require the customer to agree to perform the following procedures before confirming their purchase with us to ensure that we are able to work with manufacturers more efficiently and/or with the freight courier and minimizing your participation:

- Agree to support Smooch Baby by providing all photos of all your products immediately if you encounter any issues with your product within 48 hours from receiving your order; 

- Agree to pack affected parts (if any) and print labels for the return package for an immediate return to Smooch Baby (we will handle all costs for return shipping); and

- Agree to participate in our product review on our website page of your genuine feedback about your shopping and product experience within 60 days from receiving your product.

What this program does not cover:

Our fast dispatch and quality pre-dispatch checks are focussed on our customer's experience upon receiving your order where we will provide priority support in the first 60 days from the date you receive and register your purchase with us on Smooch Baby. Although we will have already undertaken pre-dispatch quality checks on your cot, should there be any issues during transit, we will still ensure you receive fast dispatch on any parts or requirements from any unexpected damage from your cot. This is not common however we have you covered to ensure you settle with new nursery in no time!

While we will still continue to support you throughout the warranty period of your product as provided by the manufacturer (12 months), Smooch Baby is only a reseller and cannot be held responsible for genuine manufacturer fault if these were not identified within our first 60-day priority cover. All customer claims for manufacturer faults that are received after our 60-day priority support period for your product will require adherence with manufacturer's requirements, including shipping returns which are not covered under this program. Our service enables all our customers to enjoy their product and be able to settle with their cot with their new bub.