What Are The Essentials To Carry When Traveling With A Baby?

Author: Smooch Baby   Date Posted:28 December 2018 

What to be carried in a travel bag is another important aspect.


Newborn babies require our undivided attention and utmost care. Their needs and requirements differ largely from our very own. Besides taking care of your baby at home, when the time arrives for you to travel with them, special attention and care must be taken. Undoubtedly, you will have to carry extra stuff for their needs. Most of the ladies new to motherhood are victims of trial and error method. There are always certain essentials that they tend to forget. Therefore, organizing the stuff well should be your priority. It is always good to carry a separate bag which contains only your kid’s stuff. 

Always consider a travel bag for this task. They make the job of handling things easy. Not only everything will be at one place but will be organized as well. What to be carried in a travel bag is another important aspect. Pre-planning always comes in handy. So here are the pre-requisites to help you travel stress-free with your tiny love.


Essentials to be taken care of:


  • Toiletries


The first and foremost thing is to look after the hygiene of your tiny love. Traveling makes infants more vulnerable to flu and germs. Therefore it is very necessary to keep them clean and infection free. Your first most basic need will be a pack full of diapers, something that every kid needs. Next are the baby wipes to clean your baby after the diaper is removed. Also, you may use the wipe the mouth or body in case the little one spoils his mouth with dirt. Changing pads will help to lay your baby while changing the pads.



  • Feeding requirements:


Water and milk are two essential fluids to keep your baby hydrated and happy. Milk bottle and water bottle are must in your travel bag. Make sure to carry extra bottles in case of long journeys even if there is a chance of washing and reusing them. Next is the Baby formula, store that in a portable box and put some feeding utensils as well. Also include water flask pacifiers, washable or disposable bibs, burp cloth, breast pads (in case of breastfeeding), tissues and some juice if required



  • Bathing supplies and Clothes


 Keeping your baby clean is very necessary. Strictly include baby oil, body wash, baby shampoo, lotion, and powder. This will come in handy when you need to stay overnight. Carry multiple towel sets and also an inflatable bathtub for a fun bath for your baby.

Carry travel-friendly comfortable clothes and body suites, at least enough for two or three outfits per day for the baby. Decide the clothes according to the weather. Also carry shoes, socks, and booties to protect from the harsh climate.



  • Baby gear and toys:


 This is essential if you want to carry around your baby. There are many options available like a lightweight stroller or a front baby carrier/sling in case you want to keep your hands free.

Do not forget to carry a limited number of your baby’s favourite toys to keep him busy and distracted.



  • First-aid kit and extra care:


Do not risk the safety of your tiny love and strictly carry the basic first aid. Include necessary baby medicines or general purpose cough cold, diarrhoea medicines prescribed. Carry antiseptic solutions, cotton, and bandage. The other necessary things may include thermometer, calamine lotion (to soothe insect bites) and nasal aspirator if necessary.

For extra care carry mosquito repellent creams, diaper rash cream, hand sanitizers, and baby lotion. To ensure a comfortable sleep, carry soft blankets and portable bedding.




Although these are the basic requirements that are common with every newborn, more can be added to the list varying from infant to infant. Pre-planning and proper products can help you in the long run and ensure a fun travel experience with your baby.

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